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  • Pure Force of Steel
  • In Battle For Vengeance
  • Awakening The Cemetery
  • Bloody Black Axe
  • A Tavern Ride
  • Knights Of The Dark Blade
  • Deathrider
  • The End - Dawn Of A New Age
  • My Bright And Bloody Sword
  • Infernal Triumph
  • The Revenge (True Heavy Metal Trilogy Part III)
  • Banshee

Warcry are:

  • The Almighty Vocals
  • The Gravewarrior Guitars
  • The Axeman Guitars
  • Roaring Thunder Bass
  • The Crusher Drums

released in October 2010 on PURE STEEL RECORDS

recorded by Martin Knötzele between March and July 2010 at the WarcrY studio.
Vocal recordings engineerd by Hartmut Bruckner and Tiemo Durm.
Mixed by Martin Knötzele at the MarkNo Dungeon
Mastered by Hartmut Bruckner at Aleph2 studio Köln

all songs written and arrangend by WarcrY, except DeathRider, originally performed by the mighty OMEN and written by Kenny Powell.

guest musicians:
Manfred Rösch: church organ intro on Banshee
Volker Frerich (Warhammer): vocals on Infernal Triumph
George Call (Aska/Omen): vocals on Deathrider

The choir of the Revenge In Blood: Markus Häcker, Sebi Ruhland, Chris Gentsch, Holger Kleinknecht, Tiemo Durm,
Andy Kladziwa, Jens Plappert, Daniel Fitz

Cover Artwork by Markus Vesper /
Layout by Martin Knötzele
band pictures taken by Knuth Lohse

kind of produced by The Almighty

In Battle For Vengeance


  • Return Of Thy Blackest Steel
  • Tormentors Of Steel
  • The Fields We Choose
  • Sacred Lands
  • Behind The Walls Of Thulsa Doom (The Legacy Of Blood)
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Unholy Wisdom's Prophecy
  • Sacrifice
  • Beneath A Steel Sky
  • Warcult

Warcry are:

  • The Almighty Vocals
  • The Gravewarrior Guitars
  • The Axeman Guitars
  • Roaring Thunder Bass
  • The Crusher Drums

In Battle For Vengeance was recorded by The Almighty between August2007 and March 2008 at the well-know „Blechle Halls“; except for the vocals which have been recorded at Aleph2 Studios Karlsruhe by Hartmut Bruckner Mixed between April,May&June 2008 by The Almighty in his private Dungeon.

Mastering & final mix by Hartmut Bruckner at Aleph2 Cologne in June 2008 Battle Choir on this album by: Tilo Kungl, Benjamin Dronek, Tiemo Durm, Andy Kladziwa, Daniel Fitz, Jens Plappert Cover Artwork by Andy Kladziwa / Layout by Martin Knötzele Band Pictures taken by Hartmut Bruckner

Heiligs Blechle - For A Last Night DEMO CD


  • Into The Dungeon
  • End Of A Dream
  • Sad Thoughts
  • Dance in Despair *
  • Sacred Lands
  • For A Last Night
  • Deceiver

Recording Line-Up:

  • The Almighty Vocals
  • The Axeman Guitars
  • The Evil Pulse Bass
  • The Crusher Drums

recorded September/October 2002 at "The Blechle Halls" D�rrmenz.
All Songs written by Heiligs Blechle, except * by Dawn Of Winter

Guestvocals on Dance In Despair by Gerrit P. Mutz

Backing Vocals: Heiligs Blechle and Dennis S., Jan H., Simon G., Jessi, Daniel R., Steffen R. and Eddy

Coverartwork by Andreas Kladziwa
Layout by Martin Kn�tzele

Heiligs Blechle - Early Demo DEMO CD


  • Under Attack
  • My Bright And Bloody Sword
  • Blackness
  • A Never Endeing Tale
  • Metal & Steel

  • The Almighty Vocals
  • The Axeman Guitars
  • The Crusher Drums
  • Armin Heugel: Bass on "Under Attack" Intro

recorded on October 3rd 2001 at Garage Aize with a 6-channel desk to tape

Coverartwork and Layout by Andreas Kladziwa