WarcrY-Homepage online again!

written by Chuck Norris

Website is back, did some background stuff.

On the Way to Keep It True

written by Gravewarrior

Hey Metalheads,
let's all go to Lauda and have a fuckin great Party!


What a great Variety!

written by Gravewarrior

Hey Headbangers!

The Songwriting for the upcomming Album is almost finished.
Currently we're working on the last song.
The Album will be a great variety of 80's metal. Even more than the last ones!
You like US/Speed Metal? - You get it!
You like classic european Heavy Metal? - You get it!
You like Doom Metal? - You get it!
You like Black Metal? - You get it!

So be prepared for a great Album and great liveshows!
Let's all praise that old heros and bang that head that doesn't bang!

Already three Gigs Confirmed for 2013!

written by WarcrY

Hey WarcrYers!
We have now three Gigs confirmed for 2013!
Warriors of Real Steel in Müacker
Bavarian Metalheadz Open Air
Taunus Metal Festival

Sounds great, heh?
We're happy to have this great gigs and are really hot to return to the stages!
After almost one and a half years it will feel really great to play live again!
WarcrY will do their very best to deliver you the best we can!
Let's Rock that halls!

Fixed Issue with the Guestbook

written by Gravewarrior

For those who might have tried: There was a little problem sending posts in the guestbook without giving email or url. This problem should be solved right now. Cheers!

New Coversong for Warcry

written by Gravewarrior

Yesterday we played a new Coversong for the first time.
Something "untypical" for the WarcrY array of metal, but sounds still very cool.
Be prepared for something different (But still oldschool Metal, exceptionless!!!)

New Website Online

written by Gravewarrior

All Hail!
This is the new WarcrY-Webpage.
The design is the same, but we've got a completely new technical platform. Now, the site is 100% self coded.
There shall be more updates and status reports in the Blog-Section in the future,so you can see, that WarcrY is still alive and working.