WarcrY was founded in 2006 from the remains of "Heiligs Blechle" which started in 2001 with The Almighty, The Crusher and The Axeman.

The music of WarcrY should be independent (not in the alternative way), new and just true, but paying tribute to the old school heavy metal sound and so in the beginning of the band we called our kind of music "True heavy metal" - with "true" in the meaning of played as we wanted it to be - uncompromising. Due to different influences and the development of the band we nowadays call it "Blackened Heavy Metal". One should be careful to range us in the typical "screaming-true-metal-bands". The songs of WarcrY cover a wide range of traditional metal music, altogether they are quite different from each other. From european 80s metal to US Metal influenced songs, from black metal to Doom or even Thrash; we mix up together whatever comes to our mind. It's all Heavy Metal...

We are still the kind of band, the writes songs in the rehearsal room until everyone in the band is confident with the result...

In the past there were also some line-up changes, principally on the bass-guitar. At the beginning Heiligs Blechle had to play without a bass-guitar because no fitting person could be found and our musical skills were also limited. Nevertheless we wrote different songs from which some are still played at today's WarcrY-live concerts. "My bright and bloody sword" or "Into The Dungeon" for example. Five of those "first" songs can be found on our "early demo"-cd which was recorded by ourselves in our former rehearsal room on 6 channels.

After one year "The Evil Pulse" became our first bass-guitar player (he played in several other bands, one of them was called "Psychonoise") who could give our songs the up to then missing finishing touch, above all through his creative style of playing his instrument. Shortly after "The Evil Pulse" had joined us, we also had some practise-sessions with Nadja Tafferner (played later with Martin in the band "Putrescent") as further guitar-player, but unfortunately it didn't last long.

With "The Evil Pulse" our line-up was complete and we could start to play live - at the beginning we played at friend's parties but soon we could make our first experiences in bars and clubs. In 2003 "The Evil Pulse" left us for other musical plans. But he didn't let us down and recorded the second demo CD "For a last night" together with us before he left. This demo-cd was also recorded by ourselves in our practise room but in an essentially better quality. The demo-cd contains 7 songs and was sold very good so that both, the first and second demo-cd are sold out.

Shortly after the recording-sessions a new guy, Sir Fritz from Nuclear Warfare, joined us to fill out the missing part on bass-guitar. In the meantime we played a lot of live-gigs with him and the name "Heiligs Blechle" spread in the underground-scene. We have played with several underground-bands and if there's a possiblillity we also offer a pyro-show during our live-set.

One more time, in 2004 we had some practise sessions together with Paul Seibold (ax-Apathy", now Utopia) as second guitar player but nothing shall come of it.

At the beginning of 2005 Sir Fritz announced that he would leave the band because he wouldn't have the time for two bands ("Nuclear Warfare" and "Heiligs Bleche") anymore. But despite this he recorded our up then latest CD with the title "Black Steel" with us and stayed in the band until we found a new bass-guitar player. And so, in August 2005 Kevin Lukitsch as "The Thunderer" (from Outrage) came in and replaced Florian.

The CD "Black Steel" can be called a full-length album and not just "demo". It was recorded at Aleph2 studios Karlsruhe and Cologne together with Hartmut Bruckner. It was our first studio experience, the first time we used a click-track for the recordings and two, sometimes three guitars. After the finishing of the CD it was now a deep wish from us to get a second guitar player. We were very satisfied with the sound of two or more guitars on this CD and wanted to bring that sound on stage. So the search for a second guitar player started.

And so, a few months later, a guy called The Gravewarrior did some practise-sessions with us as guitar-player. Of course this would open new possibilities and horizons for our songs. He fitted perfectly into the band and we decided to continue together as a 5-piece.

When The Gravewarrior joined the band and all turned out very well we played a few live gigs with him and then started writing songs for a new album. For the first time, we had three songwriters in the band. With this new line-up, new songs for a new album and for some other reasons, we the band decided to further go on as "WarcrY".

In December 2006 the band and The Thunderer decided to part with each other. Nobody wanted that to come, but due to personal reasons, there was no other possibility. So again the band was without bass-guitar. To be able, to play the upcoming shows, a good friend of us joined the band as a help-out bass player. Andi Liefländer came in! From the beginning on it was clear, that this is just until we will find a new member. In April/May 2007 we rehearsed with a few guys and none of them fitted into the band. In May it was Roaring Thunder who contacted us and after one rehearsal with him, it was clear, that he will become the new one on bass in the band. Andi Liefländer played his last show with us on May 5th 2007 and after that we started to rehearse with Daniel. In August 2007 we started, what has been demanded for months... the recording of our new album. In August 2008 we finished the work on our new CD; after several breaks due to personal reasons, called IN BATTLE FOR VENGEANCE. Check it out... the album was released in cojunction with Battle Cry Records as CD and later on Problem Child Records as Vinyl LP. The vinyl edition contains a live bonus track.

The next two years WarcrY played several live shows among well-know bands in the metal scene (or even in the underground). So, for example, we opened up for Testament, played with Goddess of Desire, Steelpreacher, Sacred Steel, Vicious Rumors and many others. The band is well-know for intensive live appearances and metal without any compromises. The year 2009 was also a very good one for the band. We signed a label-deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS for the release of the next album. From 2009 to 2010 the band locked themselves up into the rehearsal room and started writing and rehearsing new songs for the next album. The songs were all recorded and produced by the band itself and in October 2010 "REVENGE IN BLOOD" was released. Very good reviews from magazines like LEGACY, Rockhard or Heavy oder was made us proud and spread the name of the band. In 2011 "Revenge In Blood" was also released as a vinyl LP on Problem Child Records. After the release of Revenge In Blood, WarcrY played a few shows and then it was time for a break. The Axeman decided to go to Hannover for a 1.5 years-study and The Gravewarrior was busy with his studies, too. So the band was a bit on hold for nearly 2 years. Since 2007 the line-up in the band did not change and in July 2012 we all came together again writing and rehearsing new songs for our next album...